10th December 2017
Dated: 03/03/17
Kevin Keegan joins athletes from the Special Olympics Northern region team who have recorded the song This Time, We'll Get it Right which will be played as they enter Sheffield United's Bramall Lane stadium for the opening ceremony. The song was originally written and recorded for England's 1982 World Cup campaign, in which Keegan was a player, and has been adapted to become the Northern Region's anthem. This picture shows Kevin with a "Born to Inspire" tee shirt.


Joseph George Fucile And Kevin Keegan

Huge thanks to Keith Hogan who got the fund a signed Kevin Keegan shirt, two legends together 👍🏻
10th December 2017

Joseph George Fucile Marie Furniss

Huge thanks to Marie Furniss who has again done an amazing job this year in raising money for the fund, in partnership with the staff from […]
10th December 2017

Joseph George Fucile pier to pier

Huge thanks to all our runners and Sunderland strollers for giving us the places to this years Pier 2 Pier race, we all had a great […]
10th December 2017

Joseph George Fucile wizzybug GNR fundraising.

Massive thanks to all our runners and supporters, as we look to raise the funds to buy a wizzybug to help some special children become more […]